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Hungarian version

Magyar változat

The ensemble

You can find music pieces on this side.

Get known our sounding with the help of these.

The music was concerned in MP3 formation.

Performances, shows

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Ludas Association


Candle lighting

Two songs from Szék

On the railway station

Processed Hungarian song melodies.

1470 kB (1:33)

Melodies from Szék in easy style.

1225 kB (1:17)

Well-known music piece from Kalocsa.

1337 kB (1:25)


You are the Boy

Romanian dances from the Bihar

Two parts from the hit "Free". Processed dance music from Moldva.

1162 kB (1:13)

Transdanubian version of the well-known kuruc song, where the motives of folk-, gypsy-, and classical music can be recognised.

1053 kB (1:06)

Romanian dance music from Bihar.

928 kB (0:58)

Serbian tunes

In memorian Tendl Pál

Tunes from Bonchida

Hungarian Serb melodies from Bogyiszló.

1247 kB (1:19)

Cimbalom music from Sopron.

1227 kB (1:17)

Part of the piece, where old time Transylvanian flourishing ball-dance music can be recognised.

1224 kB (1:17)

Bagpipe tune

Slovakian dances from the Zemplén

Quick dance from county Somogy

Bagpipe melodies from Transdanubia with band accompanying.

862 kB (0:54)

Two parts from the Slovakian dance music of Zemplén.

1034kB (1:05)

String music from Somogy. Well-known melody with strong gypsy influences.

1094 kB (1:09)

Tunes from Elek

Two Rumanian Melodies

Tunes from Mezőség

Romanian dances from Elek in the traditional due of drum and wind instruments.

832 kB (0:52)

Romanian dances from Magyarcsanád, connected to the "Bánát" dialect of the Romanian musical tradition.

1096kB (1:09)

A piece of dance music from Magyarpalatka.

1099 kB (1:09)


"I haven't got any white shirts..."


Part of a LUDAS piece from Szatmár.

1027 kB (1:05)

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