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The LUDAS Association has worked beside the LUDAS Ensemble since 1999. Our whole name is:

"LUDAS" Kulturális Egyesület Népzenei Hagyományainkért

"LUDAS" Cultural Association for Folk-music Traditions

As our name tells, one of our most important aim is to save, promote and introduce the folk-music traditions of Békés county. The LUDAS Ensemble and its supporting committee can be a good basic for this aim. The association organises concerts, dance-houses, introductions and according to the possibilities, it tryes to hand out brochures to its audience.

Our association is for a public use, which classification can have some national advantages, but beside this the organisation need to have other supporters, as well.

In the case, you agree with our conception, we can offer different kinds of supporting possibilities. If you wish to sponsor the ensemble, please contact us on one of the accessibles on the front page, or transfer to the following bank account:


Of course, you can live with the state guaranteed tax advantages, and the ensemble informs you about the spending of the support. Beside this, a support of a concrete occasion, - a concert for example, - can be a great help to us, also "natural"helping, like a basket of score.

There's an another way to support us as a patronising member. We gladly welcome private persons and companies. It has an obligatory membership fee of 500 HUF/year, but there's always the chance to give more. All above these, the patronising members can be part of our concerts, help our work with organising or maybe poster sticking (of course, it isn't obligatory).

Click here and you can sign in with a help of an application form.

You can also support us with ordering one of LUDAS Ensemble programme. Read more about our performances.


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